The 20-year-old who's teamed up with easyJet founder Sir Stelios to take on north Manchester property market

The Manchester Evening News has a big article about easyProperty being 'the next big thing', with 20-year-old Chaim Aaron dreaming of 'getting to the top as fast as possible'

Mr Aaron has teamed up with easyJet founder Sir Stelios to take on north Manchester property market

A young entrepreneur hoping to emulate super successful Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou, the man who founded the easyJet airline 25 years ago, is aiming to do so by taking on the north Manchester property market.

Chaim Aaron, 20, is the first Manchester franchisee for the new online estate agency backed by Sir Stelios, easyProperty.

The billionaire owner of the easyGroup family of brands, including easyCar and easyFoodstore, reportedly feels this is 'the next big thing'. 

Chaim, who started out in the business with competitor Purplebricks, is covering his hometown of Salford, along with Middleton, Prestwich, Whitefield, and Crumpsall, with the latter in the limelight with investors currently, he says.

While the property expert trades under easyProperty, he’s technically self-employed, taking 70 percent of the profits.

“If I sell two properties in a month, I will make double what a corporate estate agent would make,” Chaim said, who aimed to have five properties on the market by the end of 2020.

“When I knock on people’s doors and they say ‘you’re only 20?’ I say ‘I’m young and ambitious’.

“I’ve grown up on these streets, I know the area, people, this is where I live and where I want to be spreading my name, spreading the light.

“What better place to do it than your hometown.”

Chaim, who currently lives with his parents, is striving to grow his business as much as possible now so that he can cut back his hours by the time he’s 30, and start to have his own employees.

He continued: “I don’t come from a lot of money. From 15, I went to work in a grocery store and was stacking shelves for 16 hours a day. It taught me hard work.

“I dream of getting to the top as fast as possible; living a luxury lifestyle, having a nice house with a jacuzzi.

“But I also want to be in a position where I can give back. That feeling of giving; you can't compare it with anything else.”

Despite a recent study from Rightmove that found house prices in 2020 have shot up by nearly £20,000 on average, Chaim insists prices are still ‘decent value for money’ within the Heaton Park area.

“You can’t really predict how expensive houses will become as the market is changing all the time,” the estate agent said.

“I was at an evaluation today for a three-bed in Prestwich and the owner bought it for just £7k 45 years ago.

“People said prior to Brexit there would be a massive crash...never happened. During the first lockdown, everyone said the market is going to crash...instead it’s just been booming, especially with the stamp duty holiday."

Chaim says house prices have increased in Salford, Prestwich, and Whitefield, and so has the demand as people take advantage of the break in stamp duty tax, which is set to end on March 31.

He continued: "But in Crumpsall, you can still get a nice four-bed for £200k.

“There’s a lot of crime in parts of north Manchester. But I do believe the dark times are behind and the area is up-and-coming, as long as prices don’t jump too high, it should be alright.

“North Manchester is great for people who want to be close to the centre, it’s a good simple spot, near the M60, there’s a good amount of shops, good amount of restaurants.

“There’s great potential to it. The more people want to live here, there will be a knock on effect in these neighbourhoods”.

On how easyProperty is different, Chaim promises that the firm makes the customers ‘the boss’, where they can take control of their biggest asset by delegating.

He likes to consider himself as a 'big brother' in his approach to advice for clients, with one vendor ringing him up to five times a day.

With a choice of three fee options for buyers and sellers, Chaim explained: “Everyone has a different reason for why they’re selling. Some people don’t want to pay upfront because we haven’t done the job yet, some want to pay a small amount first.

“I believe in tailoring their experience.

“You make so many memories in your home and now you’re trusting me to sell  it. There’s always going to be a buyer if a house is on the market, there’s always going to be value in bricks and mortar, as long as on the market right.”

“I think Sir Stelios feels it’s the next big thing,” he added.

David Brierley, chief executive officer of the company, said they have ‘big ambitions’ to grow the company, which he took over last August before remodelling it, with a ‘strong presence’ in Cheshire already.

“We are in advanced discussion with multiple people about them joining our team and painting Greater Manchester orange,” he said.

In addition to Manchester, easyProperty has set up in Hampshire, Liverpool, North West London, West Yorkshire, Portsmouth and Plymouth as well as North and South Wales.

Mr Brierley added: “We aim to have 130 local partners in place within the first 12 months. They will have two or three territories each with individual territories comprising around 25,000 owner-occupiers.

“The pandemic has seen a huge shift in consumer behaviour and our online presence is the new way forward.”

easyProperty has three exclusive consumer packages all of which provide a full-service experience that will benefit customers to include an upfront charge of £795, a split fee of £395 then £895 on completion, and a no sale, no fee of one per cent including Vat.

You can head to their website for more information.