easyCapital is here to transform the way companies raise capital.

Developing a business needs commitment, diligence, patience and in some cases, a great deal of money. It’s one thing to develop your product successfully for the market but funding and securing the resources that will allow you to focus and to grow is another. 

easyCapital helps companies gain access to capital in a number of ways

  • understanding a company's strategy and position this to be attractive to investors, including objective analysis of the industry, competition and market positioning
  • give an understanding to how companies are valued
  • determine which types of investors would be most attracted to the company
  • assist and give guidance on the production of investor documents (teaser, presentation, data room)
  • business strategy including market size and structure, method, market positioning)
  • business stage (seed, proof of concept, sales, growth)
  • management (background, experience, team structure, other advisers)
  • corporate structure (including eligibility for EIS/SEIS)
  • facilitate due diligence
  • project management of a capital raising exercise


Building your story

At easyCapital, we like to determine what is the appropriate "story" to make the opportunity attractive to investors.  A number of factors will each contribute to the story, as shown here.

Despite the fact that raising money is always hard, it is actually now easier than previously as a result of increased transparency, greater understanding of the issues and stages that growing businesses face and a growing market of investors who are prepared to risk capital to help grow a business.  In addition, there are tax breaks (most notably UK's EIS/SEIS system) that encourage investment.

easyCapital takes away some of the difficulties of the entepreneur by using its combined skill and experience to organise the capital raising process.  Within its wide investor network, easyCapital knows many family offices, ultra high net worths and funds which specialise in growing companies.  Although each investor is different, we aim to establish which investor is interested in which type of opportunity.

easyCapital takes a holistic, professional and efficient approach to capital raising.  There are also has to be compliance with the myriad of rules, regulations and laws which surround the the capital raising process.